Bank Mellat Turkey Branches are licenced to take deposits from its domestic and international customers. In line with the said licence and regular implementation, our customers may open time and demand deposit accounts with us, regardless of their nature either in the name of real entities or corporate bodies. By their origins deposit accounts can be maintained in 4 groups as per the identity of their holders.

  • Saving Deposits
  • Commercial Deposits
  • Official Deposits
  • Banks Deposits

The accounts to be opened under the above groups may be accepted to operate in USD, EUR, GBP and TRL. All individuals and corporate entities are allowed to open demand and time deposit accounts seperately or jointly if preferred.

For time deposits TL accounts , Interest accruals for such intervals are made at the end of the expiry date of the accounts against gross rates which some taxes and levies have to be deducted.

Rates are determined according to developments and fluctuations in domestic and internationals markets but tried to be implemented competitively.

Needless to say that due statements may be forwarded to all account holders as per the intervals if requested.

Accounts to be opened in the name of legal entities require

  • Commercial Operating Certificate
  • Turkish Trade Registry Newspaper
  • Tax Board
  • Personal ID Information of owner/partner of the company and authorised signature list
  • Information and documents of authorised person for banking transactions
  • Address of the company's activity place
  • Phone no and e-mail account of the company

If the account is going to be maintained in the name of real entities, the account holders are expected to submit their

  • Turkish ID Card / Turkish Birth Certificate / Driving License / Passport / Foreigin ID Card
  • Address of the place of residence / Residence permit
  • Phone no of the place of residence / Mobile phone no and e-mail account of the natural person
  • Information about the business of the natural person

in addition to